Our Team

Mark Morales, Attorney At Law


 Mark Morales has been representing the accused for more than 17 years.  He is a Williamson County native who began his career as an Assistant District Attorney after graduating from the Texas Tech School of Law in 2001. In his lengthy career, he has been honored by many awards and recognitions. Mark was nominated by his peers then selected by Thompson Reuters and featured in Texas Monthly magazine as a SUPER LAWYER in 2016 & earlier in his career as SUPER LAWYER, RISING STAR.  Mark has spent the majority of his career, defending clients accused of crimes. Now he considers himself blessed to help fight for your loved one's freedom on parole.

Dr. John Lane, Administrator


John Lane spent nearly 29 years in TDCJ prisons: from 1987—2016 on a habitual life sentence for Aggravated Robbery. John had lost all hope of ever seeing the free world again, but now resides in Georgetown, Texas, not TDCJ-ID. While in prison, John went from a GED to a PHD.  He obtained a two-year paralegal degree; then went on to secure a one-year advanced paralegal degree in both criminal law and civil litigation.   John credits his transformation to the powerful love  and grace of Jesus Christ. He shares that with every person he meets and will gladly pray with you today!  Mark is proud to offer John Lane this job because he doesn't look at his past, he looks at his present; and what he sees is a good, hard-working man that has a heart to help others.

Dave Murray, Paralegal


Dave Murray brings with him a 25 year career as a Probation Officer for Williamson County. One area of expertise he brings with him is his experience in report writing. He has a wealth of experience with people who are being given second chances. Dave understands what it takes for someone to truly change. With his experience and degree in Psychology and Sociology from University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire, Dave is a perfect addition to our team.  Dave Murray retired from Williamson County as Probation Officer in 2012. He has seen the other side of the criminal justice system. Dave has a tremendous heart for God and bathes each case in prayer. Prayer for freedom of the soul, mind and body of each of our clients. 

Our Practice


Parole Representation

Our Approach

At the Law Office of Mark Morales, PC, we specialize in bringing you prayerful parole representation. We focus on communication and will be there anytime you need us.

Legacy of Success

The team at The Law Office of Mark Morales has been built through trial and fire. Each of the individuals you see above bring with them a unique history of experiences which allow them to see each case as a blessing and a way to ofer hope to those who so many have given up on before.