K. Abbott, Former Client

From the very bottom of my heart, thank you so much for all of your help in everything that you did for myself and my family with my parole. I am beyond excited to be going home with an FI-1. God bless you for all that you do for guys like me and others to help us with parole. 

This will be my last time messing with the criminal justice system and I look forward to being reuinited with my family.  I now have huge plans to become a substance abuse counselor and be a part of the solution instead of the problem. God bless you and thank you again!

D. Norris, Former Client

"I got released and the first stop I made was the three crosses in Gatesville. I would always see them while on the rec yard and would pray and tell God that when I was released that would be my first stop. I'll send pics of that if I can figure it out or maybe I can just send them from my phone. I got home to my family and have never looked back. I went to Texas Workforce and got into some classes because I got on foodstamps and they are required. Met some really nice people who thought very highly of me. We activated my resume on a Tuesday and Wednesday I got a call to go take a weld test on Thursday. I failed that test but prayed God if this is meant to be please give me the strength courage and wisdom to pass this test tomorrow because I did ask to retake it. They let me retake it the next day and I've been working 48-52hrs every week since then. I was shopping with my daughter a couple weeks back and I got a phone call from my case worker at the workforce asking me if she could use my life story and nominate for an award through the state and I said yes of course. She called last week and told me I had won the nomination. My mother and daughter will be joining me this Friday at the banquet to see me be formally presented with the award. I also have a chance to win a new car and that would be nice...whoop whoop!! I go to church and take my family because we all know that God has his hands in this. I could not have done this on my own. I don't have a desire to get high and that is something I prayed for the whole time I was locked up. I'm high on life and today I'm grateful for the little things in life. So that's where I'm at today and I thank you and Mark for believing that I was worth it!!" 

J.Perez, Former Client

 "I am very pleased with Mr. Morales and everyone that helped me in my case. I did 4 years on a 7 year sentence. But I felt like I was never coming home. The year I hired Mr. Morales I made it home. I know that it was all God , but I also know Mr. Morales works filled with His spirit. He also has wanted to know how I was doing several times this year. Well I’m doing great with a new edition to our family! Thank you."  he is completing before release is a good program for him.  Thank you all."