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Our legal family consists of  Mark Morales, Attorney   and Andrea Morales, Adminstrator.

With over thirty combined years of experience in TDCJ and Criminal Justice in Texas, we have combined forces to assist our clients receive parole. For our firm, this is so much more than a business. It's a mission. We pray for all of our clients, and find no greater joy than seeing our clients released from prison on parole and reunited with thier families

How Can Our Team Help You?

Parole is an early release from prison. Most Texas inmates will be eligible for parole, but it is not granted to everyone. The decision of release is made by board members and commissioners from the Texas Board of Pardons and Paroles. Parole representation by a Texas Attorney has its benefits.

As a former Assistant District Attorney, Mark Morales will do everything in his power to secure your release on parole and reunite your family. We know the difficulty that those incarcerated face, and are here to help.  Mark Morales, Attorney at Law,  can advocate for you at your parole review by speaking directly to the lead voter on the case. His job is to show the whole picture so that they see more than the snapshot of mistakes. They need to understand that your loved one is not just another file, but a human with love, remorse, and a desire to change their lives an positively affect their family and future generations. A willingness to break the chains of mistakes and bad decisions.

Very few of the incarcerated can hire at Attorney for representation during their parole hearing, and fewer have the first-hand knowledge and insight into the decision-making process that our experienced team possesses. We are very thankful that you are here and are considering a decision to seek the representation of Mark Morales during this critical time.

Get the legal help your loved one needs in their pursuit of parole. Contact Mark Morales, Attorney at Law at 512-635-9835.

Facts About Parole Hearings in Texas

Inmates do not have a right to appear before his or her voting panel during the parole review. And unless they have been incarcerated for twenty years or more, most will never personally see a Board Member or Commissioner unless they 

The Parole Board vote is not always a simple Approval or Denial. There are many variations and many possible mandatory conditions which could be imposed. These could include drug and alcohol addiction programs, sex offender programs, life skills testing, educational programs or therapy.

The Parole Board provides notification of its decision however they often use generic language upon denial of parole. The Board is not required to give a detailed explanation of its decisions.

If your loved one was previously revoked on parole or probation, this might impact the Board’s decision. This is an area where legal representation is of the utmost importance. Without an advocate who can speak directly to the board and explain why this time will be different, the Board must only use their imagination. That is not something you want them to do. 

Upon a parole denial, the case may be brought up for review again for 1, 3 or 5 years, which depends on the crime for which they were convicted.

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