Modification And Relocation In Texas

Handling Parental Relocation and Settlement Modification

At Mark Morales & Associates, we understand that our client's needs are often dynamic and evolve with time. We also know that a prior court order might not always remain appropriate for their families. If you need to modify a court order because of changing spousal support, child support, or visitation needs, Mark Morales & Associates is ready to assist.

Legal advice and help obtaining a modification to an existing settlement agreement or court order might be appropriate if one or both parties have experienced a significant change in personal circumstances. Such changes may involve:

  • A new job or job loss.
  • Other changes in a parent's income or schedule.
  • Remarriage.
  • Relocation.
  • Military deployment.
  • We work with individuals and families to develop sustainable solutions that meet the family's present and future needs.
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Parental Relocation In Texas

Occasionally, a new job or a change in your family might require you to move. If you wish to move a significant distance, it could have implications for your child custody and parenting schedule. If there is an existing court order in place, your proposed relocation may require court approval. At Mark Morales & Associates, we represent parents who need to relocate with a child, in addition to those who want to obtain primary physical custody of their children and/or preserve their parental rights as the other parent moves.

As in most family law matters, the court's decision whether or not to allow the move typically depends on its interpretation of what is in the best interests of the child. This often involves coming to a solution that will enable both parents to maintain a meaningful relationship with the child. Examples include a change to the parenting schedule, virtual visitation, or limiting a parent's ability to relocate with the children.

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