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Anna Gohl

The office of Mark Morales is very professional. I have been very pleased with their work. Everyone in the office takes time to explain details of the case and take care of the client’s needs. I appreciate that since I never needed help in this way before. I highly recommend them.

Todd Cornelius

Mark has helped me out with legal matters for the last 10 years. He's definitely my go to attorney. Currently I'm in the middle of a case that seems to come with prison time. This might be the first time in my 54 yrs that seeing the inside… More

Wendy Benner

Mark Morales made me know there is life on the outside and turned me towards my faith in GOD here I am living my life on the outside and walking that walk I always wanted clean and sober and now he's fighting for my son to have his freedom.

Thank you, Mr. and Mrs. Morales.

Sincerely Wendy Benner

Mireya Lanz

Mr. Morales is an extraordinary Attorney and amazing human being. We are very grateful and feel very satisfied with the positive results.

Christian Williams

We hired Mark Morales for my teenage son who received a DUI ticket. They are responsive and on top of things. They got his ticket deferred and now its dismissed. I truly appreciate their customer service and professionalism. You will not receive that kind of treatment from other firms. I would highly recommend them to anyone.

Krystal Towery

Everyone was so helpful and great! I would recommend them to anyone!

Joel S

A fantastic and professional law firm that went out of their way to assist me when I needed help most. They know the ins and outs of Williamson County and we're able to provide perfect advice to navigate me through the system. I have a friend that is an attorney in Williamson County, that recommended Mark Morales to me. So this is a team that even other attorneys know do great work.

Kristen Bolling

You will find on the home page of Mark Morales website the following statement:
“We will fight for you like we would for ourselves or our own family”.
This statement could not be more true. I hired Mark Morales for my friend who was facing a revocation of probation. He was guilty of this violation but the punishment the prosecutor wanted was extreme and, quite honestly, unfair (given the circumstances). On paper, it didn’t look like a winnable case with the outcome we wanted, but Mark understood where we were coming from and assigned us one of his senior lawyers, Miesha Aubrey.
They thoroughly researched the case, met with my friend several times while he was in jail, answered countless emails from a very frazzled me, attempted to reason with the prosecutor (to no avail) and finally went to trial and, against all odds, got us exactly what we wanted. Throughout the several months it took to resolve this, Miesha was there. She was compassionate and caring and she prepared us for all possible outcomes while she prepared herself for trial. Although court in Williamson County is nothing like season two of “Law and Order”, watching Miesha cross examine a witness is a thing of beauty.
We are forever grateful for the entire staff of Morales & Sparks - they had our back like we were part of their family, as promised.

Catherine Stippick

When I got in legal trouble for the first time in my life at age 33, I was devastated and terrified. I had no idea what my options were or what I should do, and since I am a student in another state, I was afraid I would have to leave school to deal with this. Thankfully, a couple of people referred me to Mark and said that if anyone could help me, he could, and they were right! Mark made me feel comfortable and safe from the very first time I talked to him. He eased my fears and assured me I had options and that it was not as bad as it seemed. He has an excellent team of professional, knowledgeable, compassionate people working with him, and they have all stood by me and helped me through this. They have patiently answered all of my questions and concerns as I made my way through this experience, showed up to every meeting with smiles on their faces and kind words of comfort when I was feeling discouraged or afraid, and fought for me to have the best possible outcome without disrupting my life. I have not had to interrupt my schooling at all, and thanks to their hard work, this will not have the effect on my future job opportunities that it might have otherwise. I am so grateful I found Mark and chose him to represent me and would recommend him to anyone in need of legal representation.

Trevor Taylor

Mark Morales is an incredible attorney. He puts your case at the top of his priorities. He is very reassuring when we have our doubts. Right from the beginning, He told me that his clients are like family and it was truely like that. I would recommend him to anyone.

Anita Rosen

I want to thank you, Andrea and your staff for your amazing assistance. My son has been incarcerated for 4 years. Before we discovered your office I was completely in the dark about how to help my son. You helped David and me organize David's case, and guide us through the prison system. You were responsive to my questions and always available to guide us. You have no idea how you helped David and kept him calm. He was awarded parole last week. Without you, he would never have been successful. I would recommend you and your staff with reservation. Your fee was fair and your concern always genuine. I am so grateful for your excellent legal skill and dedication to David's case. David and I will always appreciate David's second chance at a new life.