Legal Representation in Assault and Battery Cases

Assault and Battery Charges

The state of Texas shows no patience for those who commit violent crimes. If you are charged with a violent crime such as assault and battery, you will likely face an aggressive prosecutor and you need equally aggressive representation. You may be facing incarceration and a permanent criminal record.

Depending on the facts, it can range from a class C misdemeanor to a class B felony. The prosecution typically seeks jail time in such matters, and will often go forward with charges even if the victim does not cooperate or if there is little physical evidence. In addition to incarceration, a defendant is also facing a permanent criminal record, having to register as a felon and financial fines. There is also a possibility that one may be banned from owning a firearm in the future. If a weapon was used as part of the crime, the defendant will be facing additional penalties. After a “Not guilty” plea is entered, you will need legal representation from an attorney who understands the process and has experience in handling assault and battery charges.

Morales & Associates will enter a “Not guilty” plea at your initial arraignment and immediately begin investigating the facts of the case. We will determine if there are additional witnesses and file motions to suppress any statements you may have made to the police. If an eyewitness has placed you at the scene, it may be possible to file an additional motion to exclude their testimony from court.