Child Custody in Texas

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What You Need to Know

Child custody and a parent's time with their child are two of the most contested aspects of divorce and family law proceedings. Any parent can understand just how appalling it would be to lose precious time with your child. This is why child custody can be such a frightening process. Don't lose out on time with your child due to inadequate legal representation. Our experienced attorneys can help you understand your rights as a parent and the rights of your child. Contact Mark Morales & Associates in Georgetown today and schedule a free consultation.

Child Custody Laws in Texas

If your marriage is ending in divorce and you have minor children, then you want to make sure to use the services of a Texas child custody lawyer to secure your rights as a parent. From negotiating a shared-custody schedule to arranging custody through litigation, the advocates at Mark Morales & Associates in Georgetown are here to provide the legal counsel you must have during this challenging time.

Types of Child-Custody Arrangements

While the family courts in Texas try to award shared custody, it may not always in the best interest of the child. Shared custody is typically an ideal arrangement because both parents are given meaningful time with their child. Thus the child benefits from having both parents involved in their life. However, at times, sole custody is better for the sake of the child. If this is your concern, please be sure to speak with our family law team at Mark Morales & Associates in Georgetown.