Family Law

Representation for the Present and Future

At Mark Morales & Associates, we help people in their time of greatest need, and we represent clients with all types of family law issues:

We help individuals, couples, and families in the Georgetown area who are dealing with divorce, separation, and annulment. At Mark Morales & Associates, we understand that these matters can be emotional, and we are here to provide the experienced, compassionate counsel that you need to get through this tough time.

We help our clients resolve family law matters that involve child support, alimony, property division, and child custody, so their immediate and future needs are met. Our experience has given us a unique perspective on matters of family law; we can anticipate potential future issues, advise you of your options, and help you plan ahead. At Mark Morales & Associates, we understand the value of planning for the anticipated and unanticipated circumstances life throws at you.

If a remarriage, new job, or relocation renders an existing agreement or court order obsolete or unworkable, we can help you pursue the appropriate modifications. Our main goal is preserving your rights and the vital relationships with those you love. Even the most challenging issues in your family law case are no match for our experience and depth of knowledge.

If you have been sued for child support or had your children removed from your custody, don’t try and battle the Attorney General’s Office or Child Protective Services alone. Let our team of experienced attorneys help you protect your rights and the things that are most precious to you.

Our experience and expertise, combined with compassion and professionalism, are the foundations of our family law practice.